Peterman rises to challenge against Eagles

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By Chris Losey

As the second week of the Bills’ preseason comes to a close, the rise of quarterback Nate Peterman continues.

 After an abysmal start which saw incumbent starter Tyrod Taylor and the first team offense sputter, Peterman orchestrated some nice drives, and continued to look in command.

 Taylor played into the second quarter, throwing two interceptions in the process.  He looked hurried and he and his receivers were not in sync.

 Taylor finished the night completing eight of his 18 passes for only 53 yards.

 Peterman took over in the second frame, and immediately took control of the field, showing the poise of a veteran.

 While he does not have a cannon for an arm, he made smart throws throughout the night, finishing with an impressive 167 yards.

 Peterman does make rookie mistakes, with a few throws being on the risky side. If he were playing a first-team defense, one of his passes probably gets picked.

 Peterman’s grasp of the number two job behind Taylor is tightening, and if he continues to outduel Taylor, a quarterback controversy may present itself.

 Now, any kind of controversy would be slightly out of the question, since Peterman has no experience facing a starting NFL defense in an actual game.

 Taylor will remain the starter, but questions linger.

 How much longer before the chatter becomes a roar, with media and fans alike calling for the rookie to take Taylor’s place at the helm of the Buffalo offense?

 Peterman’s advantage is that he’s being groomed in a system that he fits well in, where Taylor is learning yet another offense since taking over as starter for the Bills in 2015.

 The progression is evident and Peterman continues to improve with his pocket presence, poise, and nice athletic ability.

 A good projection for the rookie is that he’ll be a capable backup, and for this year, confidence is growing that he’ll be able to aptly take over for Taylor in case of injury, or more likely, ineffectiveness.

 He’ll get another shot at impressing the coaching staff next week against the Ravens next Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

 It will be very interesting to see if he outduels both quarterbacks again, and what those implications will be.

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  1. In the NFL the goal is winning! Nate Peterman could not pull off the win, so Tyrod should be the starting QB in Buffalo. Everyone knows, that these preseason games really mean nothing, only a chance for the coaches to see what talent they have for the 1st and the 2nd also the 3rd string players. We as fans need to understand that if the 1st string offense cannot move the ball and get it into the end zone against the opposing team, this is where we as fans can then make our personal judgements.

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