Fan mailbag weekend: Bills,Bills,Bills

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By Brandon J. Koch

Welcome to the first ever mailbag here at 716 sports. We are dead heat in the middle or Preseason and overreactions and opinion are at an all time high. We are three weeks away from the Bills kicking off. Here are questions you, the fans, asked.

Mike asks: “Will Jordan Matthews be ready week 1 of regular season? Should the bills trade Reggie Ragland, if so, at what cost? Will the Bills break .500 this year? Is Tyrod’s deep ball going to be used less due to less vertical threats this year? Do you think Beane and Mcdermott are on the same page?”

Brandon: “I think he will be, the Bills aren’t that concered about him. Ragland is a nice talent and he’s sitting on third team which is sad. I just don’t think they can get fair value for him right now. Maybe he’s just not ready after his year long injury and recovery. I don’t think the Bills will break .500. I think they will still go deep, that is one of Tyrod’s biggest strengths. Yes, they are 100% on the same page, unlike previous coaches/GMs.”

Chris asks: “With the number one pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Buffalo Bills select?”

Brandon: “Funny question. hoping a quarterback, this team has alot of ammo.

Robert asks: “Question; why do we keep doing this?”

Brandon: “We are die-hard fans, we will always be there.”

Lester says: “I am really put out by the fans saying they are bills fans and all they can talk about is the draft in 18. I believe we have a more than solid d and a more than above average off. Get off the draft talk.”

Brandon: “I think fans are 50-50 in terms of win and tank this year. I think the defense will be fine, but you need an offense to make the playoffs.

Brian P asks: “Does the offense become one-sided with Jordan Matthews’ injury? Will the revamped defense be able to hold on if the offense has trouble getting points on the board?”

Brandon: “This offense is based around the running game, I think there are enough play makers on the offensive side of the football. Matthews should be fine. I think the Defense will to a certain amount of time. They won’t be able to consistently do it throughout a 16 game season.”

Adam asks: “Will Dareus earn even half of his guaranteed $?”

Brandon: “I don’t think you can get full value back with that contract. But he is a frustrating player.”

Billy asks: “Which bills receiver steps up as the #1? Who do you see being the most successful in the new 4-3 defensive scheme?”

Brandon: “I think it will be a whole team effort at WR, there is no clear number one. I see Jerry Hughes having a monster year. He doesn’t have to check with the corners like he did pre snap in Rex’s system.’

Smiley asks: “Will the bills win the Super Bowl before I die?????”

Brandon: “LOL, I don’t know.”

Brian asks: “Give us Jones and Peterman updates.”

Brandon: “If they use Jones correctly, they can put him anywhere in this offense. All purpose type production receiver. Peterman is learning signal caller. looking good.

Rohn asks: “Thoughts on Ragland and where (if at all) he fits in the defense?”

Brandon: ” Ragland is a good talent coming off a tremendous injury, especially for a linebacker. He’s third team currently which means I don’t think he fits. But we will see.”

Ayden asks: “what do u think of the trades with ronald darby and sammy watkins?”

Brandon: Good for the long term of this team. Darby didn’t fit into this defense and they declined Sammy’s 5th year option. They didn’t lose him for nothing. Draft picks are big for me when it comes to this trade and in 2018.”

Tune in next weekend!


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