Logjam of Sabres Forwards

AN Sabres photo

By John Giustino

The Buffalo Sabres will have a wide array of forwards who wish to compete for spots on the 2017-2018 roster that are not already filled by established National Hockey League regulars. The rounding out of prospects Nicholas Baptiste, Hudson Fasching, Alexander Nylander and Justin Bailey alone presents something of a positive logjam for the Sabres. These skilled young prospects are all going to be competing for spots on the roster come opening night and will be pushed by one another to earn the ability to wear a Sabres uniform. In addition to in-house talent, the signings of left winger Benoit Pouliot and center Jacob Josefson are both low-risk moves that could fill out the roster with a scoring touch from Pouliot and two-way capability from Josefson should any of the prospects not make the cuts during training camp and the preseason.

With the plethora of recently drafted prospects getting ready to wet their feet in the National Hockey League, the Sabres will inevitably have a logjam of sorts at the forward position; the predicament is not as dire as it sounds, however. Every player competing for a roster spot from training camp through preseason knows that their peers will be working just as hard to crack the roster, which will breed competitiveness from each of them that will not only last through the start of the season but will have to be consistent throughout the whole campaign, resulting in more favorable results for the Buffalo Sabres.

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