College QB watch: Week One

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By Brandon J. Koch

The college football season is in full swing this weekend, starting tonight.

By many scouts, this is the year of the quarterback when it comes to the 2018 Draft. There are plenty of good quarterbacks this year and can keep your Saturdays busy.

For those of you who are interested in the college quarterbacks and looking ahead a little to the 2018 NFL Draft, here’s who I’m looking at:

Sam Darnold-USC: vs. Western Michigan, Saturday 9:15pm EST

He’s the best college quarterback in the preseason. USC is top contender for not only the playoff, but making the National Championship game, and Rosen is the biggest reason. He’s an extremely efficient passer, he’s accurate from the pocket. Pocket presence is a big strength, he can move around and avoid sacks and throw on the run. Field vision is strong, goes through his reads and makes his teammates better. He does need to go through progressions more quickly, I expect that to improve this season. He’s not the strongest in throwing downfield, so when watching, keep an eye on that.

Josh Rosen-UCLA: vs. Texas A&M, Sunday, 9/3 @ 7:30pm

It’s neck in neck between Darnold in Rosen. In my opinion, Darnold is 1 and Rosen is 1A. Rosen is another gifted, accurate passer, with good arm strength. He reads the full field and can play under center and in shot-gun. He can be a Brett Favre type gunslinger, off the field issues could be a problem. He has had shoulder problems, that’s something to watch-out for.

Josh Allen-Wyoming: @ Iowa, Saturday, 12pm

A big quarterback, who has a big arm and throws the ball downfield well. Allen is good with his mechanics, he uses his feet to his advantage, but it needs to improve. He is a very smart quarterback, easy to grasp an offense. With that, he needs to get better at reading progressions and being more patient within the pocket. He’s not afraid to make the tough throws, he will take risks.

Lamar Jackson-Louisville: @ Purdue, Saturday, 7:30pm

One of my favorite signal callers last year. Can extend plays and is very mobile in the pocket. Reminds me of another Teddy Bridgewater. He’s a dual-threat quarterback, youngest to win the Heisman. His running ability makes him avoid mistakes. Jackson can read defenses and goes through his progressions. He has good arm, decent accuracy. He make throws that he will wants back, tends to throw in double coverage. Many scouts say he doesn’t come up big in the clutch. I think one more year in college to develop and he can go towards the draft.




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