Everything will be fine with Jack Eichel/contract 


By Brandon J. Koch

Jack Eichel wants to be in Buffalo and stay a Sabre. 

He said it himself: “I have no problem playing the year out. I’m adamant about staying a Sabre, I want to bring some new excitement to this town and the contract thing will take care of itself.”

Matt Bove of channel 7 talked with Eichel’s agent and said that talks have died down and he is planning to play without a deal. 

This has fans heart beat skip a few times. I can understand why, good players have left this organization before, and there was alot of time and seasons invested to get this franchise player.

But there’s no reason to worry. Everything will be fine. Jack wants to be here, he wants to win for this city. 

I always said the ideal contract is 8 years, $80 million dollars. But the money is not always the reason contracts die down. Contracts get difficult and very detailed. With a player like this, it will go back and forth. 

So he enters and plays the season without a next contract? The only thing that could change is the dollar amount, and if Jack can produce and be a top 5 scorer and lead this team to the playoffs, then I’m all for it. 

GM Jason Botterill is smart, he has a MBA in business. He knows how to handle contracts and will make sure both sides get a deal.

Sabres fans should sleep soundly and not be in stress mode all season long, just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

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