Remembering the Kevin Everett game 

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By Brandon J. Koch

We all remember games that we have attended, some you think about more than others.  

September 9th, 2007, will always be a Bills game I remember.

Ten years ago to the day, the Kevin Everett game happened.

I remember sitting in my new season ticket seats, it was the home opener, the Buffalo Bills against the Denver Broncos.

A kickoff that went wrong: On kickoffs, I always the watch the ball, so I never even saw the helmet to helmet hit that Everett took. I just remembered the play being over and Everett laying down on his stomach and was not moving. 

What happened after that was scary.

Longest 15 minutes: After all this time, I still can’t believe from the time he went down, to the stretcher, then inside the ambulance, it was only 15 minutes. It seemed like hours. The trainers and doctors coming out, doing everything they could to help Kevin Everett. And coming to find out, they did everything right to help save his life. I still can picture him laying there, motionless and it was down right scary. The Ralph was silent. Not a noise in the stands. The players of both teams, taking a knee and praying that everything was alright. I could see the demeanor of some players, I could see the emotion on the coaches face. I looked around me, and just seeing everyone’s eyes glued to the field. 

Stretcher and ambulance: As I mentioned above, the stretcher and ambulance coming out was the biggest indication of how serious it was. He still wasn’t moving and how the trainers and doctors were that careful with him throughout that whole process is just incredible. After the ambulance left I remember the energy in the Ralph was just gone. All focused and possibly in shock, thinking about what was going to happen next to number 85. 

10 years later, I still think about how incredible Kevin Everett’s journey was. One sporting event I will always remember. 

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