Reaction Monday: Dareus plays 59% of snaps & more

By Brandon J. Koch 

During the Bills win over the Jets yesterday, there were a couple things that caught my eye. 

Welcome to week one of “reaction Monday.” Here’s what I noticed during the game and after. 

Dareus played 59% of snaps: Defensive tackle Marcell Dareus went in and out of the game yesterday and didn’t make it on the stat sheet. I know he does a lot that doesn’t show up on stat sheets, but the highest paid player in Buffalo Sports history has to do more. Coach McDermott said that our system calls for a healthy rotation of guys on the defensive line. Still with that said, why did 34 year old Kyle Williams play 74% of snaps? Something to keep an eye out for week to week. 

12 carries for Tolbert: I love Mike Tolbert, he’s a big powerful back. But I think maybe the Buffalo offense went to the well more times than they should have. They ran a lot to the right and it wasn’t working. To me, Tolbert is a straight up the gut back. The question that comes to mind for me is, can Tolbert handle those carries throughout a 16 game season? 

Receivers with four catches total: The Buffalo Bills wide receivers had 4 catches total in this football game. With that said, we saw more of Charles Clay and Shady McCoy catching balls. I know it’s a work in progress between Tyrod and his receivers, just like to see more targets.

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  1. I like tolbert but hes not a gonna hold up…why did they cut williams…the WR need 2 do alot more ..we need more from our defensive line need more pressure..were only gonna play better teams

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