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By Brandon J. Koch
It’s been three years since the Pegula’s bought and saved the Bills from the Bon Jovi/Toronto group.

One of the biggest moments in Buffalo sports history.

There was a little doubt in my mind creeping in about the Bills being bought by another group and eventually being moved, and so was everyone in BillsMafia. The biggest question was, what would we all do without our Buffalo Bills?  

Then the day happened: I was on Twitter when Buffalo News columnist Tim Graham tweeted that the Pegulas were the highest bid to become the next owners of the Buffalo Bills.

It was the best feeling to have the team that you love so much stay in such a special place that is Buffalo.

I don’t know what I would do without NFL Sundays in Orchard Park. Tailgating, listening to talk radio, eating so much food and drinking, lchecking fantasy lineups. Listening to the voices and screams of crazy Bills fans.

Being at the stadium with 70,000 of my friends is a tradition, it’s something that is apart of all of us. Whether you have season tickets, or attend once a year.

Know matter how crazy this football team makes us, three years later we are still a billion reasons thankful for Terry and Kim Pegula for buying our football team.

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  1. I am one of those fans who attends once a year mostly due to the fact that I moved out of state. Say what you want about the drought and all the bad moves over the past 17 years, if the Bills left Buffalo all of western ny would be devastated. Huge thanks to the Pegulas! – a bitter but thankful Bills fan

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