Bills lose first game to Panthers


By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills lose thier first game of the 2017 season to the Carolina Panthers by a score of 9-3. Buffalo is now 1-1 on the year, time to dissect the game.

Defense spectacular: Sean McDermott’s defense rose up to the occasion in this one. A+ performance all over. Yes, there were some chunks of passing plays, but they made Cam Newton shaky all day. Jerry Hughes led the way with two sacks, overall 6 sacks total by the defense. This defense gave the offense a boatload of opportunities to help win this football game. It’s very encouraging to see this defense play this good. One key to this defense is how they play the gaps pre snap. It seem to be confusing Cam Newton, leading to over throws or sacks. I expect this side of the football to build on this performance. 

No show offense: Couldn’t get anything going. Running game led to third and longs early and caused three and outs. Tyrod Taylor had 15 passing yards and ended with 125 total through the air. A combination of problems: run game, quarterback play, pass protection, receivers not getting separation and at times play calling. In the end they had the chance to win the game and a interference call by Holmes killed the drive, they never seemed to recover. The last play on 4th down, it seemed Taylor overthrew Zay Jones for what looked like a touchdown. I don’t see it getting any better with the Broncos defense in town next Sunday.

Rookie head coach blunders?: I think if McDermott could go back, he would change some time management at times, especially in the end. Tyrod ran for a short gain and the clock ran for about 20 seconds and then McDermott called time out. But we have to realize that it’s only 2 games into his head coaching career in the National Football League. 

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