Bills fans calling for Peterman, but is it all Tyrod’s fault?

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By Brandon J. Koch

With the abysmal week 2 performance by the Buffalo Bills offense, many fans are calling for rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman

Tyrod Taylor passed for 125 yards and had 15 of that in the first half. Sean McDermott said  on Monday that Taylor is clearly the starting quarterback.

I see nothing that changes it until the Bills are at week 10 of the season with less than 5 wins.

But is it all on Tyrod? Here’s what we all have to think about.

Receivers: We all like to pile on the quarterback, but besides Charles Clay, he is working with a bunch a new weapons and that takes time. Jordan Matthews isn’t the player Sammy Watkins is, they’re different players but it makes a difference. Zay Jones is a rookie and as we saw Sunday, he has room to grow and will be a nice receiver for this football team. Chemistry is huge between quarterback and who he’s throwing to, that’s something Tyrod doesn’t have right now.

System: Once again, I heard throughout the whole offseason how Tyrod will be better and I still see the same problems. Taylor has taken a lot of plays under center instead of being in shotgun which is more of a strength. We will see how Tyrod evolves in this offense over the course of the season. Just something to watch out for in that I don’t think this offense best suits him.

I’m not trying to defend Tyrod, I don’t think he’s good enough, we have a pretty good of a sample size too see that. Yes, I am a believer that your quarterback makes the people around him better, but Tyrod isn’t that type of signal caller.

I should talk about the offensive line, because they had their problems. But all in all, Tyrod had time to throw on many dropbacks.

All in all, fans don’t want to hear this, but it’s the whole offense that’s the problem. While the quarterback may be a big problem, he’s not the only reason.

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