Housley speaks the truth

John Hickey Buffalo News

By Brandon J. Koch

Attacking mindset.

Playing with speed.

Playing with pace.

That’s what Sabres head coach Phil Housley has been preaching since day one. And I expect that for his whole tenure as coach here. 

Since training camp started last week, that message has continued. The Sabres throughout practices and on these first two preseason games, have been playing with what Housley has talked about. 

I looked back at the first Beyond Blue and Gold episode that featured Dan Bylsma and he talked about the same thing. 

The first meeting with the players, Bylsma talked, speed and fast up and down the ice. We all know what happened. 

There’s a huge difference. Phil Housley is a leader and will get the respect out of every player in that locker room. 

Through Bylsma’s two years as head coach, the Sabres never played with speed or pace. The defensemen rarely joined in on the rush. 

Bylsma and his staff were prepared, they paid attention to every little detail, but that hurt them in the end. They never got to learn about thier players and what they had. 

Under Housley, I expect from the first faceoff of the season, for the Sabres to be playing with the vision that he has for this hockey team. He’s already getting to know his players and has a bit feel for what they are. 

I don’t think it will be Thanksgiving or February and be saying, what happened to what Housley Preached?

He’s a man of his word. He will stick to his system. 

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