Lackluster performance by Sabres in Brooklyn 

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By Brandon J. Koch 

The Buffalo Sabres lose to the New York Islanders by a score of 5-3. 

Some of the same problems that occurred in the opener, happened again tonight. Lack of urgency in some players. Sloppy passes, horrible power play. The Buffalo power play gave up two short handed goals. Buffalo let three goals against in a span of 1:47 all in the second period. 

Lehner’s bad night: He did not help himself tonight. Of course his teammates played a lousy game in front of him, but he wanted all those goals back. There already is an avalanche of Lehner hate among Sabres fans, I’m guessing by this performance, it grew.

What has happened to Ryan O’Reilly? He has played two bad games. Bad turnovers in the opener, careless with the puck, not so good defensively. Tonight again, bad passes, turnovers. Is he trying too much? Whatever it is he has to clean it up.

And of course it’s only 2 games in of an 82 game marathon. This will take time to get used to all the new additions and coaching staff. But turnovers and careless play are easy to fix and there’s no excuse for that.

I loved the way Evander Kane played and Jack Eichel. Both skated, moved the puck in the offensive zone. Seemed like they were the only ones that showed up today. 

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