Brian Gionta has first practice with Amerks

News 8 WROC-TV photo

By Brandon J. Koch

Former Buffalo Sabres captain Brian Gionta had his first practice with Rochester Americans today.

That’s the only thing Gionta will do, practice. Gionta calls it a win-win for the Americans and himself. Gio said it’s a good thing for himself to stay in shape, active and provide things for young players.

Gionta said he didn’t want to be a distraction, took a few weeks to work through.

He will not play in games, but help the team prepare and show them how it’s like to be a pro. Gionta is getting ready for some international play that will happen in November.

Gionta said guys are picking his brain, having conversations with players.

He said he will stay away on game days. Gio: “Game days are a special thing, don’t wanna mess up guys routines and get in the way.”

In my opinion, this is a good move for both sides, as Gionta and GM Sexton said. It’s just another example of how serious the Sabres are taking Rochester and development.


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