Spotrac has Tyrod trending toward the 2018 roster bubble

USA Today

By Brandon J. Koch

In an article by Michael Ginnitti of Spotrac, he listed a number of players trending towards the 2018 roster bubble.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was included in this article.

Ginnitti wrote: 2018 Cap: $18,080,000

“The Bills’ future remains a bit of a mystery based on this past offseason’s draft and subsequent trades. Their decision on Taylor will come early, as a $6M roster bonus fully guarantees on the 3rd league day. He holds $8.64M in dead cap until then, representing $9.44M in potential savings.”

I know the team is 3-2 and in the midst of 1st place in the AFC East, but the team’s actions this past offseason shows they have an eye on the future. And Taylor is number one on that list. 

Many say that the production Taylor brings and his cap hit, it is a good deal for Buffalo.

But the Bills NEED a franchise quarterback. Even if the Bills are overachieving this season, it still doesn’t blind the fact they need a franchise guy.

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