Should the Bills trade Cordy Glenn?


Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America

With the Jason La Confora report about the Seahawks once being interested in Buffalo Bills left tackle Cordy Glenn, should the Bills trade Glenn?


Here’s what Buffalo Rumblings writer Matt Warren said in a article about how the cap hit would effect the Bills.

“The big cap hit would come in 2018, as the remaining money from his 2016 signing bonus would need to be accounted for. That $9.6 million cap hit would be offset by the removal of his salary and roster bonuses. With more than $11 million owed to him in 2018, Buffalo would still come out ahead.

Glenn’s base salaries in 2018 and beyond total $23.75 million and he has three $2 million roster bonuses over the next three offseasons. That’s a savings of roughly 30 million dollars over those three seasons before you add the replacement player costs to the mix.”



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