The goalie debate begins again

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By Brandon J. Koch

Here we go again.

After Chad Johnson’s 25 save performance in Anaheim that led the Buffalo Sabres to their first win Sunday night, the call for Johnson to get more starts begins again.

I’m on the record saying Robin Lehner should be the horse in net for this hockey team. I think Chad Johnson is a very good serviceable backup.

I also think constantly keying in on the goaltending position is overrated to a point.

Through the first two weeks of Buffalo’s season, goaltending has been the least of the Sabres problems. Goal scoring, defensive play and 10 new players on the roster are the reasons for the Sabres 1-4-1 start.

Yes, there are saves that both goaltenders probably wanted back, but are we really going to blame Robin Lehner for the Brooklyn disaster? Or the game against the Devils where Buffalo left Johnson out to dry?

If the Sabres can continue to improve puck possession and defense like they did the past two games, the goaltending can take care of itself.

If Housley and staff want to start Johnson in Vegas tomorrow, then so be it, I have no problem with that. But I think this is Robin Lehner’s net first and foremost.

I think the reason why most Sabres fans dislike Robin Lehner is simply the fact that Tim Murray gave up a first round pick for him.

Well, that’s done and over with. Murray was fired and Lehner wasn’t the one that made the deal.

Yes the goaltending debate is beginning again, but let’s make sure other areas around this team improve. 

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