Ups and downs in Buffalo’s first win in Anaheim 

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Sabres get thier first win of the season in Anaheim by a score of 3-1.

Here are some ups and downs of the game:


Justin Bailey 

Bailey was called up this morning. He scored in the first few minutes of this hockey game. He continues to play his game. Speed and checking while getting to the net. He was aggressive, something I want to see more of. A lot of fans have given up on this player, may have been too premature.

Sabres resilience

When the Ducks scored, Buffalo didn’t do what they usually do and back down. They stayed aggressive with puck possession. Same in the third, trying to close out the game. They kept the puck in the Ducks zone and came up with the empty net goal. 

Phil Housley’s first win 

Congrats to coach on his first win and many more. You can tell he and his coaching staff are prepared every game since the road trip started. They have made adjustments and have look better than they did in the New Jersey game.

Chad Johnson 

Played very tonight, picked up his team when they seemed to be dragging thier skates at times in the third period. Yes, you would want him to come up with a save on that breakaway, but he played a great game. 


Power play

Make that 5 short handed goals given up. I know it’s a new coaching staff and a new system, but I don’t like how the power play is being handled. Giving up many odd many rushes.

Kane’s penalties: He’s played a great game so far this season. But the boneheaded penalties need to stop. He had three penalties that just made you scratch your head.

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