Can the Bills improve the passing game?


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By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills passing game through the first 5 games of the season has been inconsistent, to say the least.

Some games were efficient, other down right terrible.

So what can the 30th rank passing offense do to get going? Here’s my thoughts:

Running game

Besides week one, the running game has been non existent, and that’s a huge problem. The running game will open up the play action pass and help Tyrod tremendously. The offensive line needs to rebound after this bye, they have had struggles, I don’t think it’s LeSean McCoy slowing down. I think they have a few wrinkles to help the o-line get going, we will see on Sunday if it helps or not.

Get receivers going

Easier said then done, but through five games, only 24 receptions are by wide receivers. There has to be a way of getting these guys going. Second round pick Zay Jones has struggled, but they need to keep going to him. Tremendous talent when he can get the ball in his hands in my opinion. Brandon Tate shown flashes in Cincinnati, continue to use him. It’s difficult on Taylor given the cast of weapons at his disposal, but the good quarterbacks find a way.


It’s been frustrating seeing the lack of willing to give a receiver a chance down the field. I know he doesn’t want to make mistakes, but there are guys that he’s missing down the field. It’s easy to judge, but we don’t know the playcall or what his first and second reads are. Just take some shots down the field.

Use O’Leary as a safety blanket

He’s been a surprise in the passing game. He has developed nicely since coming in as a rookie. With Charles Clay out until who knows when, I would think O’Leary’s number would be called. Get him going.



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  1. Unfortunately the only way our passing game will improve is with another quarterback. I love Taylor he’s a great person and he doesn’t turned the ball over but he’s too inconsistent with his accuracy and has trouble reading defenses. Being a above-average to Great quarterback in this league it’s all about the ability to read defenses, timing and accuracy and he just don’t have that consistently enough. Three step drops ball needs to come out five step drop ball needs to come out and so forth and he doesn’t do that he’s waiting waiting and waiting for one particular route to come open while he is missing wide-open receivers. Then he makes the drop off passes to the running backs and that’s not going to cut it in today’s day and age. If you need proof take a look at Mathews touchdown pass a few weeks ago. He was open pretty much from the snap of the ball and Taylor did not throw it to him until he was covered. Granted it was a touchdown but it’s a prime example of him waiting too long to hit open receivers. We all see the replays of him throwing the ball away or taking a sack when there’s open receivers down the field. On curl routes and out patterns the ball must be thrown before the receiver makes the break and he waits until afterwards.

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