Friedman: Buffalo trying to avoid fast decision on Sam Reinhart 


By Brandon J. Koch

NHL insider Elliott’s Friedman was on NHL Network Monday and talked about Buffalo Sabres management in dealing with forward Sam Reinhart.

“Over the weekend, I started to hear the name Sam Reinhart, and I think a lot of people were talking about that because Sam Reinhart was kind of demoted in the lineup and he had gotten off to a really rough start. It wasn’t all his fault. As you said, a lot of the team was getting off to a rough start. But his name started to come around there.”

He continued: “And when I looked into it, I think the thing they feel and the thing you kind of mentioned is it’s a new regime in Buffalo. You don’t want to make snap decisions that you’re going to regret later. I think that they feel that five games into a season you’re not necessarily going to do something simply because you feel the need to do it.
“Now, could I see a situation where Reinhart becomes available later in the year? Maybe. But I think that the Sabres are kind of looking at it right now as, ‘This is too soon. We still have some work to do to really discover what we’ve got here.’
“But I wouldn’t be surprised if his name starts popping up maybe later in the year if things don’t solidify.”

Reinhart is in the last year of his entry level deal. 

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