Is Ristolainen logging too many minutes? 

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By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Sabres number one defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen tops the league in all defensemen with a little over 27 minutes per game.

With his recent struggles to start the season, many fans are wondering is he on the ice too much. He has gotten better in the last couple outings, but not near where he should be. 

I honestly think Phil Housley trusts his number one defenseman with those minutes. It’s going to be interesting to see if Ristolainen can handle those minutes throughout the course of a season. I wonder as the season goes on, will that number go down. The NHL season is a grinding one. 

Also, do the Sabres think that the rest of the defense core is strong enough to handle more minutes than some of them have now? 

Risto signed a 6 year, $32 million dollar contract last October. He’s making $5.4 this season. 

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