Tampa Bay columnist: ”Put attending a Bills game in Buffalo on your bucket list.”


Photo: Adrian Kraus, AP

By Brandon J. Koch

Every Monday/ Tuesday morning after a Bills game from the day before, I always look at the coverage from opponent beat reporters.

This week was no different. I remember Matt Ryan saying on a Atlanta sport radio station “That BillsMafia is real, I guess.”

Always looking to see what players and writers have to say about Buffalo, be it the team or fans or what have you. We are a unique fan base and a surprising team, so I always look for opinions from the opposite side.

I was at the Tampa Bay Times website, a columnist Tom Jones wrote a great piece on the game and gave out his grades.

This caught my eye:

His first grade was titled  “‘B’ IS FOR BUFFALO”

Jones then wrote: “Those in Tampa Bay complain about the lack of recent success by the Bucs: no playoff appearances in nine seasons, no playoff victories since winning the Super Bowl in the 2002 season. But know a city that has had it worse? Buffalo. No postseason in 17 seasons. No postseason victories since 1995. And no Super Bowl victories ever.
Yet, tradition and passion are as strong as ever in Upstate New York. New Era Field is tucked back in a neighborhood in Orchard Park and every home, every resident, every open space is wearing something Bills. Despite the long drought, Bills fans are as passionate as any in the NFL. Put attending a Bills game in Buffalo on your bucket list. GRADE: B-plus.”

Here is his piece

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