It’s crazy how sports brings friendship 

By Brandon J. Koch

Craig Lehner was superman. He was an Army Veteran of 16 years and for the last 8 years a Buffalo Police officer. He served this country and served the people of Buffalo.

Mr. Lehner (I know he would hate me calling him this) was a friend of mine. He’s my Aunt’s Brother. I’ve known him a pretty long time. We developed a sports type friendship and it’s something I’ll never forget. 

I always post mostly sports related topics on my Facebook, and Craig would reply to them and create conversations.

One Bills season, I posted a rant on a bad loss, go figure. I get a notification and it’s Craig, commenting a whole long rant on the coaching, quarterback, etc. equally as pissed off as I was. 

There was the games against Kansas City, the Jeff Tuel game, then Kyle Orton the year after. Craig made his displeasures of those games and I would often reply with my opinions.

He loved the Bills and Sabres. 

He often sometimes got into it was some of my friends, but that was Craig, he spoke his mind, I loved that. 

One Sabres game last year, I made a status, “LEHNER!!!” After a big save by Sabres goaltender Robin Lehner. Of course, given his sense of humor, commented, “what.” 

Given his last name was Lehner.

Considering he served for years, I rarley saw him in person. When I did, we talked about sports. Of course some on life, but we clicked on sports. 

He was my friend and I will miss him. But he lives on. 

I know he will be yelling at both Buffalo teams from up high, just like I will be from the stands. 

Thank you for the talks, the laughs. 

And thanks for making the ultimate sacrifice and serving the people. 

Rest easy, friend. 

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