McCoy had the most touches of his career against Oakland 

(Jeffrey T. Barnes | The Associated Press)

By Brandon J. Koch

In Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy had the most touches of his career with 33.

He ran the ball 27 times and had 6 catches.

Many fans wonder is that too many touches on a 29 year old running back’s body? With almost 2,500 touches in his career so far. 

I’d say no.

McCoy has said this is the best he has ever felt in his whole career. He takes care of his body so well. Whether it’d be after games, during the week, or in the offseason.

It has always been my opinion with running backs that it’s not about the amount of carries or touches, it’s about the amount and quality of hits they take throughout the course of their season/career.

McCoy hasn’t taken many hard hits. He and Levon Bell are finesse running backs. They don’t take many hits, which to an extent will help extend thier careers.

McCoy is the best offensive weapon the Bills have. Without him, thier offense will struggle, you don’t need me to tell you that. They’re doing a great job of keeping him fresh. But with having him being thier best player, they have to continue to not push him to the limit. 

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