Give GM Botterill some patience


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By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Sabres general manager Jason Botterill has not even been on the job for six months.

Well, it will be six months on November 11th, he was hired in May.

Since May 11th, Botterill has hired a new head coach, put together a new scouting staff and flipped around this roster.

Patience will be required.

Yes, again. Sorry.

I loved former general manager Tim Murray, loved the way he talked, the way he was aggressive in making deals. But reflecting back to his moves, it just proves that he was a scout manager. He loved being in hockey rinks. Yes, he made some good trades, but he also made questionable ones, as all hockey general managers do.

It’s not showing right away, but I think Botterill will become the “All around GM.”

His finger prints are all over those Penguin championship teams. He has been around Jim Rutherford for years, picking his brain.

Yes, the Sabres season has started out bad, but again, patience is required. In this short amount of time, he has revamped the defense on this hockey team and I think it will continue over time.

He traded for Jason Pominville and signed Benoit Pouliot, two players that have good puck possession numbers. That matters in this day and age.

Fans so far after every Sabres loss this season, scream on social media for the GM to make a trade, or to do something. The thing is, Botterill is still figuring out what he has yet. He’s not going to jump the gun, he and his staff have a “process.”

It’s going to take until the holidays until he and his staff knows what they have. 

That’s smart. He has a background in business, he knows how the cap works, which is in the Sabres advantage. The contract in which the Sabres signed Jack Eichel to, I believe, will be a steal in the next couple seasons. How the Sabres handle Evander Kane down the road, will be because of a through processed based decision.

Look what he has done in Rochester. He knows building a farm team is important to developing a stable organization. I loved his first draft back in June. Obviously, time will tell with that.

Patience Sabres fans, this hockey team has the right man leading this front office.


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  1. Who wrote this article? Sounds like his mother wrote this. Look at the standings and try to watch this group that reflects no confidence. They come out on the ice and float around for the period. How can they be outplayed when the opponents shorthanded, no grit with some players obviously outclassed. Perhaps they should tank again and use this for the poor performance in front of home fans!

    1. What are you talking about? He just got hired not even 6 months ago. He inherited this team. What would you like him to do?

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