Ryan O’Reilly is heating up

Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

By Brandon J. Koch

Don’t look now but after a bad start to this season, Buffalo Sabres center Ryan O’Reilly is heating up. 

Number 90 has been a bright spot for this team, he is turning the corner. Winning more faceoffs, better defense, shooting more and of course, scoring.

O’Reilly has climbed up to 11 points this season in 14 games. In these previous 5 games, he has 6 points, 3 of them coming as assists in last night’s win.

We all know the Eichel-Kane-Pominville line is producing, but seeing O’Reilly wake up will only help this hockey club. We’ve seen Kyle Okposo play better hockey, as he scored his first goal in Arizona and has played better overall.

O’Reilly is his hardest critic. I remember listening to his comments after the Sharks loss last Saturday and he was talking about how he needs to play better on defense. Well, he had a good game. He’s a relentless player on and off the ice.

If the Sabres want to climb back into the standings, O’Reilly getting things going again is a good start. 

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