Will Benjamin give Bills offense a boost?

Buffalo Bills Twitter photo credit 

By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills didn’t play newly acquired wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin Thursday night for multiple reasons.

He would’ve played 17 games this year and wouldn’t went without a bye week. Not really smart when a bye week is so crucial for player rest and getting fresh. 

A short week was also a big part for haveing him inactive. The trade was made Tuesday evening, the game was 48 hours later. It would’ve been tough for Benjamin to get acclimated to the offense. 

It was smart on the Bills part to have this be his bye week and get time to rest up and study the Bills offense. Come back this week and get in the film room with coaches and teammates, then ultimately practice and get ready for week 10.

But the question is, can Benjamin provide a boost to this up and down Bills offense? You would have to think so. 

He will bring the deep threat back to this offense. Defenses will have to be honest against Benjamin, if they don’t bring a safety over and leave Benjamin to one on one coverage, Tyrod should look over all day to him.

I don’t know if it will help the running game, that remains to be seen. Since the bye week it has improved, but went back to struggling Thursday night. Have to give that Jets defense credit though, they have a top 5 defensive line. 

It should will give Zay Jones and Deonte Thompson more chances to make plays. I think we can throw in Thompson as a weapon for this offense. We’ve seen, although a small sample size, what he can do. 

Don’t forget, Charles Clay Should be coming back as well. 

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