Bills need Tyrod on another level

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By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills begin the second half of the season today as they take on the New Orleans Saints from New Era field.

Let’s not sugar coat anything: The threat to end this playoff drought is real. Yes, it’s still early, but ending the drought is in the back of all our minds.

Tyrod Taylor has been good throughout his Bills career. In two and a half seasons, he’s had his good and bad games. It’s been a love-hate relationship from Bills fans with Taylor. I think it’s split 50-50.

Before the bye, Taylor had his usual efficient games in wins, the Carolina and Cincinnati losses? Wasn’t so good.

Since coming off the bye, I’ve seen a new Tyrod Taylor. I wrote a little bit about this earlier in the week. He’s made throws that I normally never see him make. He’s stepping up more in the pocket and throwing good balls. This Bills offense needs more of that. He was sharp against the Jets, believe it or not. He didn’t get time to throw on most drop backs and even in shotgun.

As this second half beings today, I need too see another level from Tyrod for the Bills to break this thing.

  1. More stepping up in the pocket and throwing to receivers.
  2. Using his weapons more: Benjamin, Clay, Shady.
  3. Using his legs: His running is a weapon as well, I need more of it.
  4. Extending drives and putting up more touchdowns than field goals

It’s all there for Tyrod, that new level must be there. yes, this is a defense, getting turnovers built team. But if Taylor can make better throws, take more chances and put up more touchdowns, playing in January is a real thought.

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