Tyrod: I don’t listen to the crowd

Buffalo Bills photo credit 

By Brandon J. Koch 

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor said in his postgame presser that he “I don’t listen to the crowd,” when asked about Bills fans cheering when Nathan Peterman came in. 

Taylor: “Horrible game it starts with me.”

Taylor: “That was a decision made by Coach McDermott. He does what’s best for the team. … I was more pissed at my performance.”

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  1. You suck dude…Buffalo has given you a huge opportunity and you have not capitalized. I really hope they start Peterman next Sunday!

  2. It’s all the same excuses.. chance after chance you have been given. Your actual plays that work are few and far between. You are suppose to be the quarterback and lead the team. Dont choose one option to pass to, there are some players there that can get it done. It’s sad I did believe in you Tyrod but now seriously man up and sit down on the bench you had plenty of chances, you needed receivers you were given them, you needed a defence to protect you , you have it. Your faults and lack of performance is what defines you and let’s be honest it’s just another year of jokes, lame performances, and nothing but excuses. You talk the talk but cannot consistently walk the walk. Im 34 been a fan since I was tiny…I had faith in you but you as well as others on the team but you have shown me that the Bill’s are the definition of insanity… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is pointless. It has nothing to do with believing anymore.

  3. Really??? The people that pay your bum ass, you don’t listen to the crowd? Keep making check downs…. Anyone can do that!!! You’re garbage

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