We’ve all seen this before 

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) 

By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills get dominated by the New Orleans Saints by a score of 47-10.

Coming off 10 days rest, the Buffalo Bills didn’t have an answer to anything. 

We’ve seen this before right? The Bills were in good position to place themselves more in a playoff race, after strong months of September and October. 

As soon as the November calendar hits, we see them fall flat on their face.

ALOT went wrong:

1. The Bills defense gave up 6 rushing touchdowns today. That’s a team record. They had no answer to stop the Saints rushing duo.

2. When the Bills had 8 or more in the box, the Saints ran the ball for 14.2 yards per rush. Was once a strong hold for this defense, is now a big concern. 

3. No pass rush of any sort on Drew Brees. I think maybe one real pressure that came from the first play of the second half. This defense has been getting zero pressure on the quarterback.

4. Brees didn’t even throw for a touchdown in this game. He rushed for one (who didn’t) and threw for 186. That’s how badly dominated this Saints running game and offense was. 

5. Buffalo offense put up 3 points and that was on the first drive. There was no moving the ball after that. The running game had one good run.

6. Since when was Mike Tolbert the main point of this offense? Very poor play calling by Dennison. Horrid. Kelvin Benjamin was targeted mostly on the first drive, that was it. 

7. I talked about Tyrod taking it to the next level, let’s just say that didn’t go to well. He threw for 59 yards, that should give you some indication. 

I could go on, by why continue pouring salt into all of our wounds. The big picture? Buffalo is still 6th in the AFC, the last wild card spot. They have all AFC games the rest of the way. But this team has got to adjust and make changes. Something has go to change, teams have them on film and know what they do. 

The NFL is a week to week league, so who knows what Bills team we will get next week. 

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