What happened to the Bills defense?

By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills defense the past two week have been terrible. Giving up almost 300 yards on the ground Sunday to the Saints, and almost 200 to the Jets.

But this has really been starting since week 5. Lets take a look at some numbers:

These numbers are from football reference. 

Points allowed/game: 28.4 (28th)

Yards allowed: 403.0 (30th)

Yards/play: 6.07 (29th)

Yards/rush: 4.39 (26th)

Yards/pass attempt: 7.67 (27th)

Sacks/pass attempt: 1.7% (32nd)

Red zone TDs: 65% (26th)

3rd downs: 43.5% (25th)

QBR: 68.4 (30th)

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