It’s now on Dennison to fix struggling Bills offense


(AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)

By Brandon J. Koch

Sunday morning I wrote about how the Bills needed a new level from Tyrod Taylor in order to make the playoffs.

A lot has happened since then.

Taylor threw for 56 yards and an interception and was benched late as the Bills lost 47-10 to the Saints.

On Wednesday, head coach Sean McDermott announced Nathan Peterman would start in LA against the Chargers. Peterman fits the mold of this offense more than Taylor.

I know offensive coordinator Rick Dennison didn’t make the decision on quarterback, but it’s now on him to turn around this offense. He called a bad game in my opinion last Sunday, and really the last two games. Yes, some of it was on Tyrod but not all of it. Dennison has always talked about protecting the football and not making mistakes. Maybe Tyrod took that too seriously? I know he’s been conservative with the football his whole career, but come on. Down 14-3 Sunday, the Bills offense took no shots down the field to try and get a spark.

Now with a rookie quarterback in, Dennison must call plays that helps Peterman, the offensive line and this running game that has disappeared. One of Peterman’s strengths is that he gets the ball out quickly, which should ease the burden of the offensive line having to guard for 4 or more seconds.

I normally stick up for offensive coordinators, especially when people are piling on them, but this is now on Dennison.  I’m not saying that if the offense doesn’t improve that he should get fired, I’m just saying he needs to step up his game as well.

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