Will the Bills make the playoffs?

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With all that has been so far this season for the Buffalo Bills and looking ahead, will the Bills make the playoffs?

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  1. I’believe’ we have a better chance with Peterman running the show. For many reasons too. Best reason is, he is a true QB unlike the last guy. He see’s the correct type for Dennison’s WC offense, the last guy was nowhere close. He will get the ball to his favorite and one player he has chemistry with, Zay Jones. Also, Benjamin will get passes he can catch because they’re on target. The offense won’t be like it was with the last guy because Peterman doesn’t hold onto the ball too long. This will open up the run game again. Trickle down effect will be the defense will play better since they won’t get gassed as they did with the last guy. So yes, we do have a chance to get in the play offs. 7 games left and 4 more wins can do it.

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