Signs that Nathan Peterman will get another start


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By Brandon J. Koch

In Sean McDermott’s press conference yesterday, there were some rumblings from him that leads me to believe that Nathan Peterman will get another start Sunday in Kansas City.

The coach did say he is evaluating the quarterback position. He also said last week Monday that Tyrod Taylor was the starter then a few days later went with Peterman, so take this with a grain of salt.

On Peterman’s first start:

 “One game is not going to define Nathan or Nathan’s career.”

“I’m confident in Nathan and his mental toughness.”

McDermott believes in all of his players, so this is not a shock quote.

Here are some quotes from McDermott that lead me to believe that Peterman will get another shot Sunday.

“There were some plays he’ll want back, but there were also some plays where you said, ‘hey, that was pretty darn good.”

“As a decision maker, when you waver, that’s when you get yourself in trouble.”

Remember that last quote come Wednesday. He is telling me he doesn’t want to flip flop on decisions. McDermott wants to stick to his guns.

Now he also has a leadership counsel and McDermott takes that very seriously. This head coach is very detailed oriented, he takes in as much information as he can. If he goes back to Tyrod, it’s because he has a strong meeting with his leadership counsel.

All in all, I believe Nathan Peterman will get a second start in Kansas City this Sunday. Would I be surprised if it’s Tyrod? No. Nothing would surprise me with this team.

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