Sabres lose 5-4 to Wild

Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images 

By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Sabres played an up and down game but ultimately fell to the Minnesota Wild by a score of 5-4 at Key Bank Center.

Buffalo has now lost 7 straight games.

Nolan’s night

Holy crap! Jordan Nolan didn’t score just one, but two goals. His first two of the season and as a Sabre. Totally unexpected, especially with just over 11 minutes in ice time.

Chad Johnson’s rough night

He only played one period, and that was more than enough as the Sabres were down 3-1. It just wasn’t Johnson’s night.

Antipin coming along 

I have been liking his game lately. He was on the ice for 22 shots for and 11 against. It seems like he’s coming along, especially defensively. Not making many mistakes that got him benched early in the season.


I understand Johnson wasn’t good tonight, but the defense was BRUTAL. Too much movement, Rob Ray said multiple times how all five sabres were on one side of the zone, leaving the other side wide open. I thought under Housley, this defense would be much better. That’s not the case. With all due respect to Josh Gorges and Justin Falk, they just don’t belong getting the minutes they’re getting. 

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