Bills wishlist 

By Brandon J. Koch

Thanksgiving is over and it’s Black Friday weekend. All the kids start making up their Christmas wish list.

It’s week 12 in the National Football League, the Bills are in the hunt and play against the Kansas City Chiefs today. 

While I think the Bills season is over with, it’s fun to make up my own wishlist for this team moving forward. Trust me, it’s a lot.

The Bills as a roster have a lot of holes. Starting spots are in need, as well as depth. Here’s is my list on what the Bills need. 

  1. Quarterback
  2. Right side of the offensive line: Right guard, right tackle
  3. Defensive tackles 
  4. The whole linebacking core
  5. 2nd starting Cornerback 
  6. Left guard? 

That’s a lot to ask for, it’s up to Brandon Beane and his whole staff to get it done.

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