Sabres haven’t made final decision on Evander Kane 

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By Brandon J. Koch 

Pierre LeBrun on Insider trading said that because Kane is a pending free agent that he will finally be moved. He added the Sabres haven’t made final decision on E. Kane. Lebrun said the problem is contending teams that want Kane don’t have a lot of salary cap. 

With that, Buffalo has started to tell teams that they’re willing to eat some of his cap hit in order to facilitate a trade.

LeBrun said by Buffalo taking some of his salary the Sabres can maximize their return.

PL: “But we’re way ahead here. It’s at least, I think, six/seven weeks away until it gets serious.”

The next question is, what can the Sabres get back for Evander Kane? This has to be number one on Jason Botterill’s list. 

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  1. Let the only guy who scores and hits leave morons we will not be maki the playoffs anytime soon. Maybe even longer then the other idiots drought that this absentee owner owns. Plus moving the only guy the so called savior (bust) has any type of chemistry with smart moves assholes

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