Devin McCourty on Bills fans: “It’s not really friendly for us up there.”

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

By Brandon J. Koch

I was on the Patriots website, listening to what players had to say. 

I came across safety Devin McCourty. When asked by Boston media about coming up to Buffalo and playing in front of the Buffalo crowd, he had this to say: 

When you say intimate, it makes it seem so friendly. It’s not really friendly for us up there. When we pull into that stadium, there’s nobody happy to see that bus pull in there. A lot of middle fingers, a lot of mouthing words because we can’t hear them on the bus — we’ve got our headphones on — that doesn’t seem to be compliments of any sort, Their crowd comes and they come loud and energized for Buffalo, but it’s been fun to go there and get that atmosphere and be kind of in that stadium where everyone else is against you. We know we have to kind of play well and get going early, or they really get into it and it makes it even harder to win there. To me, it’s one of the most underrated stadiums for us when we go on the road and play because it’s smaller but definitely a very loud stadium.”

A reporter asked him about why the Patriots have had so much success playing in Buffalo:

Honestly, I don’t know why we’ve had that stretch where we’ve played really well on the road, but I think it’s us just trying to stick to our process, stick to what we do,” he said. “On the road, I think you have a mentality of it’s just us. When you go into a different stadium, you know there’s no home crowd, there’s no energy coming from the crowd for your side. So, I think we understand that mentality, but I don’t know the secret kind of to why we’ve been able to win and play well on the road.”

Bills fan, like usual, will surely bring it all on Sunday. 

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