Gronkowski apologizes for cheap shot, blames refs


By Brandon J. Koch

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski apologizes for his cheap shot hit on Tre’Davious White that led him into concussion protocol.

“Definitely want to apologize to number 27,” Gronkowski said. “I’m not in the business of doing that. I was just really frustrated at that moment. Naturally through emotions and frustrations, I want to apologize to Tre’Davious White, I don’t really believe in shots like that. But just through the frustration process, the game of football, emotions, just what happened.”

Gronkowski felt that he was held and was frustrated about not getting a call. He also said it was crazy how we was called for some penalties throughout the game.

“What am I supposed to do.”- Gronk

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  1. A Patriot complaining about the refs is like Al Capone whining about the Chicago PD… They are on your fuciking payroll!!!

  2. That excuse must be a joke the NE Patriots and his QB get more BS calls and no calls thean any other team in theis league and absolutely 100 percent have for YEARS.. if you actually watch their games it’s comical sometimes. I don’t want to hear a 6’4” 240lb tight end cry about being held by a 5 foot 150 lb rookie corner and then use that as the reason he cheap shoted him and endangered his carreer… Gronk is a great player but this whole situation is bush league he’s better then that he should act like it

  3. I use to have a lot of respect for Gronk!!
    Not any more. That was a dirty shot that was uncalled for. If he wants to blame the refs than go and knock one of them down when there not looking. That was a cheap shot!!! Hope the league hits him hard.

  4. Brink is as Dirty as a baby’s diaper and that was down right DIRTY and if you watched the game you should have seen the HEAD OFFICIAL whisper something to Tom Brady after a flag was called against the Patriots. Anyone have any comment on that if you seen it?

  5. Gronkowski…y oh said what am I supposed to do? Be a professional…that’s what your supposed to do..

  6. Gronkowski…you said what am I supposed to do? Be a professional…that’s what your supposed to do..

  7. Just another example of how the Patriots are Dirty and Cheat.. History will place an asterisk next to their championships.

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