Tre’Davious White talks about cheap shot 

Buffalo Bills photo

By Brandon J. Koch

Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White had some strong things to say about what happened last Sunday with the Rob Gronkowski cheap shot that resulted him in concussion protocol.

White: “Man, it’s a joke, dog. Man, I don’t know what to say on that. I’m laying there. He snuck me with my back turned. He could have broke my neck. I mean, I got a son to raise. All that. People don’t think about that when they just react.”

On still having his mouth piece: “I’m glad I had my mouthpiece in. I probably could’ve but my tongue off. I bit my lip pretty bad. Terrible headache. It is what it is. He did what he wanted to do.”

On Gronk being a dirty player: “The guy did what he wanted to do. He is what he did. Dirty shot, so what does that make him? Dirty player. Simple.”

White said he has not heard tom Gronkowski and said his apology means nothing to him. 

Gronkowski received a one game suspension, was denied appeal.

White, to my knowledge, is out of concussion protocol. 

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