Troy Vincent: NFL wanted to be fair and firm about punishment on Gronkowski hit, didn’t take White concussion as a factor 

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By Brandon J. Koch

NFL vice president of football operations and former Bills player Troy Vincent talked about and defended the NFL’s decision on suspension length for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski,

Vincent: “We evaluated, and the one game is where we landed,” Vincent said Wednesday. “It was Rob’s first action of this kind. You want to be fair and firm, but not excessive.”

Fair and firm? First kind of action? Is this for real? So someone who isn’t a first time offender can go and lay a cheap shot on a player who is laying down with face mask on the ground? Any player can just do that then, right? 


Vincent said that Gronkowski’s late hit was labeled as a “non football act.”

It gets better…

Vincent said the fact that White went into concussion protocol as a result of Gronk’s cheap shot did not factor into the punishment. 

“We never look at the result. It’s always the act of,” Vincent said. “We don’t get into the result or the intent. And then when you look at the non-football act, the only thing you want to look at is history and precedent.”

What are you doing NFL? I could be the only one on this, but how does it make sense. The result of the hit, especially it pertaining to the head and concussion has to be factored in. 

I thought the league was serious about head injuries?

Get real, NFL.

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  1. It is very obvious what is going on and has been going on for years. The only difference is every year it is more open and obvious to the fans. The NFL has become nothing more than a marketing production. The teams with the biggest product marketing base get the officials calling bogus holding calls on opposing teams on third downs when they are driving and make a first down. etc.etc. Modern fans have learned the game too efficiently with the advent of all the different schemes in modern football. Fantasy football has also broadened the different offenses and defenses presently used. The public is just too knowledgeable today and can see through this bullshit. The patriots have been given so many wins over the years just to keep them in the playoffs it is disgusting when a big dummy like Gronkowski can get away with one of the cheapest shots I have ever seen. that is just one example their cheating over the years has won them many games and championships and trophies etc. The bottom line is that the NFL gets a percentage of every item sold with the NFL logo on it. It is all about money. The sad thing is so many young guys are being taken down by bad calls. Yes they make millions and they know what they are getting into. But the frustration of a player not getting his proper stats and protection from cheap shots is showing up more and more. Bad calls are determining who wins who loses who gets hurt. and who makes the most profit for the NFL.

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