Bills fans want Joe Webb?


By Brandon J. Koch

Has it really gotten that bad around here at the quarterback position? 

With Tyrod Taylor hurt and a game time decision, Nathan Peterman being a 5th round rookie who threw 6 interceptions in his NFL debut, Bills fans are calling for….Joe Webb?

Yes, Joe Webb.

Buffalo picked him up in late August. The wildcard player can play quarterback, wide receiver, special teams and can run. He was used in many wildcat plays last week and overthrew a wide open Cadet that was a touchdown. 

The 31-year old has 853 career passing yards. 

Bills fans on Twitter and Facebook let their voice be heard, whether it be sarcasm or being serious.

Mike: “I always loved Joe Webb when he played at Carolina.”

Kevin: “I think the Bills should start Joe Webb at quarterback. Why not?”

Al: “So you’re say Joe Webb has a chance?”

Hook: “I’d rather see Joe Webb.”

Seth: “Joe Webb is better.”

Robert: “Joe Webb time!!”

Don: “I just want to see Joe Webb now.”

Mac: “Can we see more of Joe Webb?”

Jen: “How much worse can Webb do?”

Sam: “It’s the Colts, go with Webb.”

Kim: “Webb can’t be any worse than Tyrod or Peterman.”

Lindsey: “Don’t know who’s QB? It should be Joe Webb then.”

Kyle: “Please put Joe Webb in I can’t watch another Peterman game.” 

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  1. I see a lot of people eat at McDonald’s and are use to almost instant gratification. No QB stands a chance on this team if fans have there say. Although I agree with some FIX THAT LINE THAT BLOCKS FOR QB GET SOME ONE WHO CAN CATCH THE BALLS THAT SOLVES YOUR QB PROBLEM

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