Casey Mittelstadt brings excitement to disappointing Sabres season 

(Brad Rempel / University of Minnesota Athletics)

By Brandon J. Koch

I’m not gonna mince words with anyone.

Casey Mittelstadt is a beast.

Yes, the Buffalo Sabres are having a bad, disappointing season so far, but Mittelstadt makes everything better.

The kid has been very good so far in his freshman season at the University of Minnesota. In 18 games, he has 5 goals, 11assists for 15 points. But it’s the way he plays the game.

He has everything you want in a hockey player.

Speed. Hockey sense. Skill.

His creativity with the puck, his movement without the puck, is excellent.

There was an assist I saw him make against Wisconsin this week that shows how much of a creator he is with the puck. He threads the needle in terms of passing. He assisted on a goal against Ohio State where before receiving a pass, he already knew where he was going with it.

His awareness to me, is underrated. I remember watching the NHL draft and nobody talked about his awareness, he knows what’s going on in all situations of the game.

I’m not saying one player makes a hockey team, fans may have learned that with Jack Eichel, but he is a core center piece to go along with Jack that this franchise needs.

If you have the chance to attend a USA game at the WJC, you’re in for a treat. Mittelstadt should be playing on the top line, it will be fun to watch him against other countries top lines.

Can’t wait too see him in a Sabres sweater.

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