Did you agree with Sean McDermott’s decision to punt in OT?


(Adrian Kraus | The Associated Press)

A decision by head coach Sean McDermott that left Bills fans shaking their heads and had others saying who cares we won.

What are your thoughts on the McDermott punt?

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3 thoughts on “Did you agree with Sean McDermott’s decision to punt in OT?

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  1. He is the head coach. He gets paid to weigh the circumstances, consider the variables and make the decision. Yesterday it worked and we won. If we had lost, he would have been the ass. The difference between being a hero and an ass in the NFL comes down to one call. Right or wrong, he has got this team a lot further than anyone thought we would be and our playoff hopes are still alive. Playoffs or not this year, I believe that this team is headed in the right direction. GO BILLS!

  2. It is easy for everyone to make comments about the decision regardless if you are home or at the game. But it was a good decision. If they had gone for it and not got a first down everyone would be saying he made the wrong decision.

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