Thank you Kyle


By Brandon J. Koch

I know you may think I’m crazy.

I’m about to say thank you and write about a player who makes millions of dollars playing a football game. 

But Kyle Williams is Buffalo. 

I remember watching the 2006 NFL Draft.

I love draft season, I watch every round because you just don’t know what you’re going to get out of any pick.

So in the 5th round, pick 134 the Buffalo Bills selected defensive tackle Kyle Williams from LSU. 

The only thing I remember saying to myself is, “Okay Kyle Williams, let’s see what he can bring.”

If I only knew then. 

 I usually like to evaluate every player to see what their ceiling would be, for some reason I didn’t with Kyle. 

He has the numbers, he’s been arguably the best player in the drought. A sure fire Wall of Famer. I’m not going to be like Jerry Sullivan and say well he was apart of these many points scored and yards given up. Blah blah blah, typical Jerry. 

He’s only 1 of 11, but he’s helped carry this franchise. He brings his pail and lunch bucket and gets to work every single day, just like Buffalo. 

Sunday may very well be Kyle’s last game in Orchard Park. The Bills have a chance at the NFL playoffs, something that Kyle has never been too. 

I have no idea what Kyle is thinking. This may be it. One of my favorite players in Buffalo sports, let alone all of sports.

I’ve cheered for Kyle since training camp 2006, a diamond in the rough. On Sunday I will be wearing my Kyle Williams jersey proudly, knowing this could be the last time I watch him play at home.

Many moments of watching number 95 and it’s hard not to get excited.

Sacking Tom Brady, Big Ben, huge run stops on 3rd and 1. Throwing Johnny Manziel around like a rag doll. 

 There will never be another Kyle Williams. He’s competitiveness, his IQ, locker room leader, complete football player, determination.

“It’s not about getting another contract or another Pro Bowl under my belt. I’m over all that and past all that. I’ve stood on the field in Hawaii with the best guys in the league. If that’s the best thing that football has to offer for me, that’s not it. I’ve stood there, it’s not. It’s not what fulfills me. It’s not what I want. I want to win. I want to be champion. I want to be a winner. I want to do it in Buffalo and I want to do it for the people that deserve it because I can only imagine the feeling that they’ll get from it too.”-Kyle Williams 

Thank you Kyle!

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