Staying alive 

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By Brandon J. Koch

Well, well, well. 

What do we have here?

At the end of the Saints blowout I said that the Bills were dead, to only then support my statement and embarrassingly lose to the Chargers in blowout fashion. 

Since then they have won 3 of 4, including a 24-16 win over the Miami Dolphins to end the home portion schedule of the season.

Here’s something I haven’t said in years: The Bills in the final two weeks of the season will be playing meaningful, playoff chasing football.

They are right in the heat of this AFC wildcard race.

The final two for Buffalo is a date with the Patriots in Foxboro on Christmas Eve.

Not ideal.

After that going to South Florida for a rematch with the Dolphins. 

It’s all there for this football team. Sure they need some help, and I’m certainly not telling you they can win out, because that means they win in Foxboro.

Even if they do lose this coming Sunday, there will be a meaningful game the last week of the season and that’s exciting. 

I had ZERO expectations for this team and they have proved me wrong. I thought, like most, 5-6 wins. What a job by McDermott and company. 

To the defense, for early in the year keeping this team in games and being a main reason for a 5-2. To Tyrod, certainly bad performances, but did enough and was efficient in wins, along with the offense. 

So as we approach Christmas week and the last two weeks of the season, just picture the number 17 and hopefully as things go in favor of the Bills, pieces of that 17 start falling off and the drought will be broken. 

Staying alive. 

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