Eichel: We need to grow up

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By Brandon J. Koch

Jack Eichel spoke to the media after the Sabres lost to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Eichel: “I think it shows a lack of maturity as a group for us right now with the position we’re in. We played last night. We’re traveling. They’re here, ready and waiting. … You know they’re going to come out and play hard and from the first shift, we’re chasing the game.”

He continued and talked about how the team’s needs to grow up and mature: “At some point we need to learn from it a little bit and grow up as a group. … we come out in the first shift, give up a goal and leave our goalie out to dry. We weren’t ready to play for him. Battles, compete level, execution. None of it was there.”

That to me sounds like what a future captain says. Eichel has definitely grown and matured from last season. Part of it for me is obviously growing up, but I’m guessing Phil Housley has a part in it as well. 

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