How the Bills can get in

USA Today 

By Brandon J. Koch

Here we are Bills fans. The final two games of the NFL regular season and the Bills are playing meaningful football!! 


They’re in Foxboro to play the defending champs.

How can the Bills get in? Here’s how it works out if you play around with Fivethirtyeight:

If the Bills win both games left

The Bills just need one win by the Jaguars and they’re in.


One loss by the Ravens 


One loss by the Titans 

If the Bills lose one game (to Pats)

Titans need to win today against the Rams AND lose to Jacksonville next week. Bills are in.


Titans win both of their remaining games and Ravens lose to Cincinnati, Bills and Titans are IN. 

If the Bills win against Patriots BUT lose next week in Miami. They can still get in.

The Bills would get in with a Titans loss to Jags and the Chargers to lose a game. 

If the Chargers win both and the Titans lose to Jags, the Bills would still be in. 

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