Bills offense needs a total overhaul 

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By Brandon J. Koch

The Buffalo Bills offense is just not working.

In two games against the Patriots, the Bills offense has a combined 12 points. 

That’s not going to get it done. If you want to add the Carolina game, that’s just the 15 points by the offense in three football games. 

In the Thursday night game, the Bills offense mustered 7 points in three quarters before putting up 14 garbage time points in the 4th quarter. 

Yet here they are with a chance to get into the playoffs with a win and some help. 

Is it on Tyrod? Dennison? The whole offense?

Tyrod Taylor

I think it’s safe to say that the Tyrod Taylor era will end whenever the Bills play their final game. The Bills need to find a franchise quarterback in a pass happy league. If you listen to the national media, Tyrod is a good enough quarterback for a team who hasn’t had a playoff appearance since 1999. They don’t want the Bills to aim higher. Tyrod has been efficient in wins and bad in losses. He misses on throws that NFL quarterbacks make regularly. We all know what Tyrod can do and what his ceiling is. It’s not good enough to be a franchise quarterback.

Rick Dennison 

I give offensive coordinators the benefit of the doubt, especially in their first season. 

But I could go ethier way with Dennison, it’s 50-50. I see the good gameplans put together and I realize he’s not the one executing on the field. Then there’s the other part of me that scratches my head when it comes to play calling and setting the offense up for 3rd and short situations and inside the red zone. I don’t like the Mike Tolbert love fest, I’m totally fine with using him in short yardage plays, that’s what he should be used for. Why he’s used in the passing game is beyond me. Dennison also gets away from what’s working well for this offense during the game. I could see it ethier way if he stays or gets fired at the end of season evaluations by McDermott. 
The rest of the offense 

It’s clear and evident the Bills need to upgrade the right side of the offensive line and get wide receivers. Deonte Thompson was a huge part in two wins in grabbing two nice catches. Who even knows if Charles Clay will be back. Zay Jones has had nice moments but has struggled. I think he will grow into a nice receiver, just needs time. Andre Holmes had three touchdown catches and only had 13 grabs. I don’t see Jordan Matthews back, I think a team will overpay for him.

All in all, the Bills offense needs a total overhaul. They started 5-2 mainly from a solid performance by their defense in which they gave offense good field position from turnovers. Even then, there were times the offense couldn’t take advantage and it came back to hurt them (example Cincinnati game.) 
It will take a whole off-season to get a new offensive coordinator if needed and all the other needs this side of the ball has. 

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