Break the drought

By Brandon J. Koch

For the first time since week 17 of the 2004 season, the last game will matter a whole lot to the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999 and can break the 17 year playoff drought by winning in Miami Sunday and getting some help.

Buffalo needs a win~ with:

Baltimore loss


Losses by Tennessee and Los Angeles.

It’s certainly not impossible, it’s actually quite reasonable.

Bills fans have been waiting forever to get back to the playoffs. 

For me, I was 4 the last time the Bills were playing in the music city miracle. I have not tasted a playoff game what so ever. 

It’s a huge burden that’s on this city’s shoulders. We constantly see the drought graphic everytime the Bills play, and we’re all sick and tired of looking at it. 

This years Bills team isn’t the greatest, almost bad at times, but has exceeded almost everyone’s expectations. Many fans were looking towards 2018 back in the Summer, now talking about the drought possibly being history. 

With a limited quarterback, a decent defense and a very optimistic coach, the Bills put themselves in position to shatter number 17. 

So instead of being scared that a play will happen Sunday that categorizes as “billsy,” and thinking none of the games will go Buffalo’s way….embrace the week 17 excitement of scoreboard watching. It hasn’t happened in a while. 

Break the drought. 

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