The Tyrod Taylor era needs to be over

Jaguars outside linebacker Myles Jack (44) and defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (91) sack Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. (Stephen B. Morton/Associated Press)

By Brandon J. Koch

I’ve had enough of Tyrod Taylor.

I’ll say this first: I’ve never met Tyrod, I know he’s a great human being and from what it looks like a terrific leader. His teammates love him and they are all in sync as a group. It’s not about leadership.

But the Buffalo Bills need to move on at quarterback. This isn’t about personality, this is about his play on the football field.

3 points in a playoff game? I’ll give the Jaguars defense a lot of credit, it’s a great defense.

But come on.

How much longer is this going to be put up with?

Yes, Taylor was at the helm that helped break the drought and get into the playoffs. I’m not going to discredit that, he was efficient in wins. But you can do better.

The offense was just brutal the whole season. This was the 3rd time this season the offense has scored 3 points in a game. It starts with the quarterback.

Missing throws, holding the ball for extra seconds. How about the pass to Clay when he was out of bounds and came back and caught it? Taylor took his time to snap the ball instead of running up to the line. Marrone took forever to throw the challenge flag. That pass put the Bills past the Jacksonville 40, to me, it changed the game.

The Bills can do better, a lot better. Don’t listen to the national media.

“He doesn’t turn the ball over.” Yeah well, three and outs are a turnover to me.

Don’t get me wrong, some throws he made and they were dropped, pretty simple. He didn’t get help at times yesterday. But you shouldn’t need everything to go right on your offense to be successful.

I’ll talk about the offensive coordinator later.

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  1. Where does one place blame? When your right next to the goal line, and are handed 8 million chances to cross said line but come away without a TD who is the culprit? Tyrod is first in line…The OC may have called the enormous amt. of lousy plays but TT does change plays when confronted with problems after the snap…It is telling and disgusting…During the game TT overthrew, threw in front, threw behind, and threw short, or were the lenses on my glasses dirty?

    1. It was a run/pass option. Tyrod decided to pass. Everyone else including Shady thought they were going to run.

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